APRIL 2018


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See below for  courses available. 








Day 1 Introduction to Adventure Riding  (1 day) - £200 per person (own bike) - £260 with loan bike 


 The Introductory Course is suitable for complete newcomers to off road riding.


Day 2 Intermediate Course  (1 day) - £200 per person (own bike) - £260 with loan bike


Participation in the Day 2 Intermediate training is only open to those who have completed the Day 1 Introductory course 


These courses takes place at our Malvern HQ and cover the essential skills required for off road adventure riding  with the emphasis being on fun and enjoyment.





Day 3 - Adventure Experience ( 1 day) - £200 per person (own bike) - £260 with loan bike

This course is suitable for those who have completed the Introductory and Intermediate Courses and wish to build on their skills. The course will entail riders undertaking a "mini off road adventure" encountering a series of challenges typical of those that may be encountered on a real expedition. These may include river crossings, steep slopes, challenging off road navigation and other testing scenarios.

Adventure Experiences are run at both our  Malvern  and Hereford training grounds. You will be advised which  before the start of your course.They take place on our private off road trails and include tuition and advice from Trailquest instructors.

Those using their own bikes can undertake additional routes that include some public roads and green lanes.

An ideal opportunity to try out your bike, kit and equipment plus test your own skills prior to undertaking your own expedition. Maximum group size 2.




Expedition Planning and Preparation - £150 per person per day ( 1 -3 days)

A bespoke course designed to help those planning their own expeditions.including advice on choice of bike, kit and equipment, navigation, First Aid, documentation and personal security. Off road rider training can be included at extra cost. These courses are run at our Malvern Adventure Centre.

We are very happy to arrange bespoke training courses to suit individual needs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


The Triumph bikes available for the above courses are the Triumph Tiger 800XCx. Due to the limited demand we do not currently operate any 1200 Explorer bikes but we are experienced in their use and can run courses for owners of such bikes  who are prepared to use their own bike for training.


Clients opting to use our bikes are required to provide an additional deposit of  £150-00  to cover any damage caused by misuse of the  bikes.This is returned to the client if bikes are undamaged at the end of the course. 


All participants must be over 17. Courses must be paid for, in full, at time of booking.

All participants are advised to take out Personal Accident Insurance and will be required to sign a TRAILQUEST Disclaimer confirming that they understand the inherent risks of off road motorcycle riding,  that they are fully fit to take part in such an activity and that they agree to follow all our rules and regulations when visiting our facilities.

Clients using our motorcycles are required to have a valid  drivers license that allows them to ride motorcycles and provide an additional  (returnable) "damage deposit" of £150-00  to cover any damage to the bikes caused by misuse  during training. Damage incurred whilst the bike is being operated under instruction is not charged for.

The Course Fee includes a non refundable / non transferable  deposit of £60.00 per person per day.   Cancellation by the client before the start of the course will incur the loss of the deposit.

Cancellation within 72 hours of the start of course will result in the loss of  a further £100-00 from the full cost of the course. 

Cancellation within  24 hours will result in the loss of the full cost of the course .

It is appreciated that late cancellation is sometimes unavoidable and we are always happy to rearrange your course  to alternative dates  where possible.

Cancellation by TRAILQUEST will result in the offer of alternate dates.

Note: TRAILQUEST courses can run  in most weather conditions. However training in cold and/or wet conditions is not likely to be as enjoyable or effective. We do reserve the right to cancel courses if conditions are deemed to be dangerous. In this eventuality you will be offered an alternative date.